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A Division

The A Group offers three different sections: Captains Corps, Safety Aides, and A. This group is for teens ages 14-17 years old. For the Captains Corps, the requirement is 15 years old. 

Here are some guidelines to these different sections:

A Group is geared for runners and swimmers who enjoy the beach and want to learn about ocean and beach safety. Events for this group includes a swims, runs, surfing, and bodyboarding. There will be challenges in a game format as well as testing of material learned over the course of the summer. The As wear green beanies in the water.

Safety Aides assist the younger students in water activities. Acting as an extension of the instructors, they provide additional flotation and safety. The Safety Aides wear pink beanies and carry yellow buoys. They are taught how the basic skills of ocean lifeguarding as well as an introduction to first aid and basic life support. This is the largest A group that has sought after aquatic skills and knowledge base. The first week of the program is the tryout process. This group is recognized by other Junior Lifeguard agencies and is utilized in regional and national championships. The Safety Aides must apply and successfully complete the tryout during the first week of the program. Participants must be 14 to 17 years old, as of July 1, of that year. See below for events and expectations.

Captains Corps is the elite group of Junior Lifeguards. Captains Corp (white caps) was developed for Junior Lifeguards who have the drive to become an Ocean Lifeguard, or who wish to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. This group is the demanding for both time and workload. Each Captain is expected to work in lifeguard operations earning valuable experience in emergency operations and situational awareness. Captains must apply and successfully complete the tryout during the first week of the program. Participants must be 15 to 17 years old, as of July 1, of that year.The first week is a tryout week with physical and knowledge base testing. This group is expected to represent the Huntington Beach Fire Department, Marine Safety Division when they are in session, which includes in-operation training. The Captains will get opportunities to work alongside our professional lifeguards: in towers, in trucks; in dispatch; and in the rescue boat.

Tryout Week June 27 to July 1, 2022

Captains Corps Tryouts

All applicants must submit a letter of intent, a resume, and two letters of recommendation by Wednesday, June 29, 2022. Physical events include the following:

A Buoy swim

Two mile run

Three Pier swims

Three to four Run-Swim-Runs


Knowledge-base Testing includes:

HBJG General Orders

HB Marine Safety Operational knowledge

HBFD Leadership Intent

Ten minute interview on Friday, July 1

Evaluation process is as follows:

Tryout Process ranks each candidate according to their physical and knowledge base during the first week of the program. The candidate ranking is based on the following:

               Tests and General Orders, 10%

               Resume, Letter of Intent, Letters of Recommendation, 10%

               Interview, 20%

               Physical events (all events are based on times and completion), 30%

               Instructor Evaluation, 30%

*All events and scores are based on conditions and the instructor's discretion.

Safety Aides Tryouts

Physical events include the following:

A Buoy swim

Two mile run

Two Pier swims

Two Run-Swim-Runs

Evaluation process is as follows:

HBJG General Orders

HBFD Leadership Intent

Group interview at the end of the week

Safety Aide Requirments
Weather Lecture
Anatomy Lecture Information
Muscles Lecture Material 
Dodgeball Application 
Skeletal System Lecture 
Catalina Island Ecology 
Mr. Bray's CPR Presentation 
Medical Aid Lecture 
EMS Lecture Material 
" A" General Orders
" A" Point Sheet
Wagner Wave Lecture
Heart Diagram Document 
Homeostasis and Bones Lecture
Anatomy Information Continued
Trauma Lecture 
Running a Call Lecture 
CPR- Infant
CPR- Adult and Child

Pier Conditions

Pier Conditions.jpg

North To South Pier Swim 

N to S Pier Swim.jpg

North to North Pier Swim 

N to N Pier swim.jpg

Register for the "A" Dive Trip 

More information coming this week.


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