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We are so excited to work with HSS on our Uniform Pickup this summer. HSS is also offering pre-sale purchase for the entire package. Check out the information on our website,, on Monday, May 15, when the link goes live.

Girls suits are available at two of our vendors, and

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  • samanthadieterman

Updated: May 8, 2023

The lottery is complete. Please check your email for updates and information. We are currently taking only the top 6 per age group. As spots open, we will add the next person on the lottery list. We are also having another tryout for PM Session Only on May 16. Check out for more information.

We are super excited for all our participants who tried out this spring. The PM Session is the best because of two things: warmer water and sunny skies!

See you on the beach.

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  • samanthadieterman

We added a date for our tryouts. This is for PM session only, and no Sibling Priority.

This is your child's opportunity to practice a few more weeks and come in and crush the time standard. Check out our Instagram, @hbcity_juniorlifeguards, to get all the local swim programs offering private or group lessons.

Congratulations to our Sunday morning sunshine!!! Stoked to see you all summer.

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